Monday, January 07, 2008

Broadcasters see darkness where nodes see light

Broadcast - it seems to have an unstoppable desire to play to the lowest common denominator - even when it poses as worthy and relatively high-brow.

Tonight on BBC 1 you'll find flagship news-documentary programme Paranoia, sorry Panorama going for that traditional lowest common denominator; fear. Paedophiles, the internet, social networks, teenagers - connect the dots and guess where they go with this.

It's the same old paranoid nonsense about the web being trotted out again. The web closes the space between individuals to zero which means, when viewed from a dark disconnected world, it closes the gap between a paedo and your daughter to zero. So be afraid and unplug!

I see the world from the connected side - and it looks a lot lighter over here.

So I believe our savvy constantly connected kids are better equipped to rumble the fake voice and id of a paedo than any generation before them.

One click from danger they may be, but they are also 'one-click' (or one sms) from instantly available help, advice, someone to check with, someone to come to their rescue - all their friends. There is more good than evil - everyone who connects seems to work this out for themselves.
Connections make us wiser - ergo the web makes our kids wiser. Unplug them at your peril.

... and hark at me getting all stroppy before I've even seen the programme. And sadly I won't be watching - got humans to connect with instead tonight!

My question to the BBC - are the people behind this programme connected? Or are they whistling in the dark?

More? Dark Side of Social Media.

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