Friday, October 17, 2008

Eighth Mass Media makes it into the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street JournalImage by Enrico Fuente via FlickrPeggy Salz (founder of MSearchGroove) wrote a great piece for the Wall Street Journal (Asia) recently. I've added a pdf of the article (breaking usability barriers is key to seamless services) to scribd (see below) so you can view and share it.
You'll find it of particular interest if you're interested in digital convergence, and mobile tech.
Tomi Ahonen is in there talking about Mobile as the 7th Mass Media (and I'm co-hosting a course on exactly that with Tomi at Oxford University on December 2-3. Check here for the latest on that).
And I'm quoted on what happens after the sixth (internet) and seventh (mobile) mass medias - the concept of the Eighth Mass Media. You can view my Widget Web Expo slide deck and presentation on the subject here.

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  1. Congratulations, David. Good to see digital thinking getting a run in the mainstream press.


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