Friday, January 04, 2008

Video worth a thousand words (...if it's relevant to you)

I was discussing video with a colleague this afternoon - and my fear that all too often our desire for editorial control leads it to becoming a kind of poor man's TV - a broadcast tool which makes it poor media rather than the rich media it gets lazily labelled (I posted about this unfortunate TV envy late last year.).
This video, shot by Jeff Jarvis in April 07, makes the point rather well. It features Michael Rosenblum at the RTNDA conference. Nicely put Michael. Not the highest quality - but monumentally relevant - and that is very much the point.
I'm not so sure about the $100,000 journos, but all those who seek to retain centralised control would do well to listen to the reference to ebay towards the end of this clip.

And you can comment on it - and respond with a video of your own (at least on youtube, where it's from).

Still, I'm waiting for a set of tools to make video truly rich. But in the meantime, handover control to the edge.

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