Monday, June 06, 2011

Thoughts on Morgan Stanley's social media strategy

I've been asked to join the Financial Times Judgment Call panel - a group of people who, on occasion, get asked to contribute their judgment/advice on burning business issues of the day.
Those of you who have a subscription to the FT (and it's the one paid-for to which I do subscribe) will be able to read Judgment Call in the Business Life section of the website.
Those who don't could have read this in last Wednesday's paper. If you missed it I have scanned it below. I know - not really meant to - but I'm hoping since it's now almost a week old, and the quality of jpg ain't uber great - no one should be unduly upset (click on the pics for larger images).
The article is about Morgan Stanley's toe-dipping exercise re social media.
Morgan Stanley - like all financial institutions - have quite a heavy set of responsibilities to add to all the usual ones. Their response to this is to check every staff member's tweets before allowing them to hit the web.
Which makes for a stilted 'conversation' to say the least.
But let's not be too harsh. It's a start. And every journey needs one.

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