Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Describe the last three TV commercials you saw

Scott Karp at Publishing2.0 (see recommended blogs, left) has some interesting comments on Nielson's new engagement panel.

It finds that only a third of the 1000-strong membership can recall a TV advert they've seen - while 79% could recall the shows they'd seen.

Personally I guess that depends on the time frame. I can't remember ads I saw last night - that's because I didn't watch TV last night. I can recall the Cadbury's Smash commercials of the 70s. That's because I did watch TV then. An extreme example - but you get the point.

The issue reminds me of one of my favourite questions of the moment:

"Describe the last three TV commercials you saw".

Can you?

It's a simple illustration that the value of interruptive broadcast media models has collapsed.


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