Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here Comes Everybody. Now just £8

Wow. Best £8 you'll spend this year, I reckon. Clay Shirky's book is currently cut from £20 to £8 on Amazon.
Thought you should know. Recommendation or advert? It's up to you.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michael Wesch on the anthropology of YouTube

I've been gagging to see this ever since this discussion with Dr Michael Wesch.
Mike (who gave us the Machine is Us/ing Us) is back from hols and has now shared his June presentation to the Library of Congress in Washington on Youtube - on Youtube. Big thanks to ServantofChaos for tipping me off.
Fabulous discussion of participatory culture. If you're (really, really?) so short on time you can't watch it all, go to minute 48. Take a glimpse at the new Earth rising...

P2PR : The real online public relations

Had a brief chat with an interesting chap in online PR yesterday. He reckons the industry needs some good PR of its own - and that could be aided by the right language.
How do you distinguish between people doing traditional PR using digital means (ie sucking up to bloggers rather than print or digital journalists) and those who get the disruptive fundamentals of the power of network and understand how messages spread now.

I have a thought: Instead of sitting in the Online PR silo, perhaps the new kids need to distinguish themselves with the descriptor P2PR.
I can't be the first to put those letters and numbers in that order, surely?

Whatever the case...

What does P2PR stand for? What would the group you are reaching out to like it to mean?
Peer-to-Peer Relations(hips),
Person-to-Person Relations(hips),
Publisher-to-Publisher Relations(hips). (We are all publishers now!)

The Online bit is way less important than the P2P bit of PR anyway. It's all about the people and what they do to each other.
Marketing (of whatever form) is not a process of doing things to people. It is what they do to each other.

So, for me, P2PR is the right approach for the networked world.

We are the connections. We are also how the connections are made.

Don't bother trying to register the url. It's already rather tediously taken... but I have squatted on the blogspot address!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How we are made great - part II

The graph above is from Louis Gray, via Stowe Boyd.

In part I of How We Are Made Great I argue it is other people that make us or an idea great - other people and their mass behaviour.
Louis argues that bloggers' interactions with their communities and their reaching out to other communities reduces as they become more established.

He's on the money, for me, of course. I discussed similar themes in It's Not How Famous You Are, It's How Relevant
And detailed more risks for those with an abundance of attention, here.

Here's Louis' list of interaction types (together with my use of them).
  • Allowing blog comments (yep)
  • Responding to blog comments (oh yes)
  • Commenting on FriendFeed about your blog (er sorry,... more laziness than attitude)
  • Tweeting links to your blog posts (yes)
  • Digging your blog (again, I'm a little lazy when it comes to self promotion)
  • Stumbling your blog (see above)
  • Pimping your blog on others' blogs (yes, in as much as I comment on other blogs and invite bloggers to come by mine to join in conversations here).
In general I try to focus on the ones that are less directly promotional in the traditional sense (digg, stumbleupon) and more on a meeting of minds - where I believe the real promotion happens anyway - comments, responding, reaching out to individuals.

Those who roll back on this are actually putting their fame and status at risk, in my view. They're certainly putting the brakes on its growth.

And when they do this they reduce both their value to their community and the communities value to themselves (I am made greater by my connections, so are my connections, Stowe Boyd)

There's no idea that doesn't get better from sharing.

So I think there's one key interaction missing from Louis' list:
  • Tracking who is writing about what you've blogged and commenting on their take on it, on their blogs.
Which is kind of why this is How We Are Made Great Part II and not just a comment on Louis' blog. Hope he'll discover us and join in?

So, to summarize parts I and II:
We are made great by other people. And in order to be selected for greatness we must interact with other people.
Type 4 bloggers would do well to remember how and why they got to be raised upon our shoulders.

As I concluded on /Message in Part I:
"Go careful when you claim responsibility. Remember all those times you tried to turn the flock and nothing happened - or it turned in the opposite direction?
"You were just as responsible then.We make us great."

Monday, July 28, 2008

How we are made great

Just added a new post at /Message. Pop over and add to the conversation re How We Are Made Great?

Tips for building a love machine

One of the authors of the following slidedeck reached out in a comment on this post (Love, Purpose and Fame) and was kind enough to include a link to the deck.
There's some great tips in it for those who understand that the internet is for people coming together and paying each other attention (attention is love, as we refer to in Love, Purpose and Fame) - for those building love machines! Thanks to Ming Yeow for discovering us!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Rock Stars of Web 2.0 speak!

I decided to add a few videos to our the rock stars of web2.0 list.

And that's turned it into quite a resource - a grand gathering of bright people saying cool things.

Be warned though - dip in and you may stay longer than you intended.

Click on (almost) any rock star to reveal a video treat.

A reminder of how this was compiled. (Image by nsfmc)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Europe's top 50 marketing blogs

The Adage Power 150 is becoming something of an industry standard for measuring the relevance/quality of marketing blogs globally. Some think its focus is a little American.
Hence Spinning Around's Uk version (consisting of those from the Adage list based in the UK only) at which FasterFuture currently nestles within the top 20.
Now there's a European Power 110 version. And FasterFuture heaves its way inside the top 50 (48). Hurrah for us.
Well done everybody. Now go check all these other fine links!

1 21. Adverblog IT
2 22. AdLand SE
3 23. I believe in adv IT
4 35. AdverBox IT
5 44. russell davies ENGLAND
6 49. David Airey SCOTLAND
7 51. Osocio NL
8 53. Blogstorm ENGLAND
9 54. Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog BE
10 59. ENGLAND
11 79. Yoast - Tweaking Websites NL
12 82. adliterate ENGLAND
13 92. Only Dead Fish ENGLAND
14 103. Crackunit ENGLAND
15 105. Media Culpa SE
16 109. ideasonideas CA
17 110. ViralBlog NL
18 112. PR Blogger ENGLAND
19 132. The Engaging Brand ENGLAND
20 136. Behind the Buzz GB
21 143. Talent imitates, genius steals ENGLAND
22 150. Joe La Pompe FR
23 155. Krishna De’s BizGrowth News IE
24 160. Fresh Creation NL
25 168. Welcome to Optimism ENGLAND
27 179. Search Engine Marketing Blog IE
28 183. Because The Medium is the Message AD
29 186. Cross The Breeze BE
30 188. The Kaiser Edition DE
31 190. The Hidden Persuader PT
32 195. Make Marketing History ENGLAND
33 215. Modern Marketing ENGLAND
34 216. No man is an iland AT
35 220. Coolz0r - Marketing Thoughts BE
36 221. mindblob BE
37 222. A Source of Inspiration PT
38 224. Blog Till You Drop ENGLAND
39 226. BeRelevant: Email Marketing Best Practices BE
40 231. A PR Guy’s Musings ENGLAND
41 232. Spinning Around ENGLAND
42 233. Crenk ENGLAND
43 251. Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Blog SCOTLAND
44 254. NL
45 257. Social Hallucinations DK
46 268. eWritings DE
47 276. SEOCO Blog ENGLAND
48 284. Faster Future ENGLAND
49 288. HU
50 289. Hobo SEO UK SCOTLAND

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