Monday, June 25, 2007 Where the co-creators get their dues... almost

Interesting new arrival on the social media scene: - where co-creators of content earn "100% of the ad revenue they generate" (as seen on
At first look you'd think this is way better than just creating your own content and adding google adsense because google adsense only pays you a portion... (certainly not 100%)
And then you discover that this is actually powered by google adsense. So you don't do any better than creating your own content elsewhere (ie on a blogger blog). Flixya offers 100% of what they'd get - but you'd need to talk to google about getting the full amount!
The extra incentive Flixya is offering (apart from the tools) is that it aims to aggregate an audience in the way that facebook or myspace does (and in the way that blogger doesn't).
And if you are a constant updater of facebook, twitter, etc... why not get a little something back?
It treats the user as a much more converged creature (ie creator/consumer/marketeer)
I guess they hope to earn their pound of flesh by offering other services (ie at the moment there are ringtones you can pay to have - but they aren't offered in a particularly engaging way).
To that end, while they may well be offering the co-creators 100% of the available interruptive advertising revenues... it's unlikely they can continue that ratio for the emerging engagement opportunities.
But perhaps this is just semantics - you get to keep the ad revenue - we'll have the engagement marketing cash.
Fair and accurate - or a bit of spin? You decide.
All in all, it's about the most interesting start-up I've seen in a good few months. Didn't see a mobile play in my quick once-over. If you have, let me know!

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