Saturday, June 16, 2007

Youtube goes mobile - there goes your video download revenue stream

Youtube has just launched
Go to your mobile's browser now and give it a try.
This has been threatened for a long time - and as recently as June 13, promised for 2008. But it's live and kicking now.
So, where does this leave revenues from video access/downloads on mobile?
The porn industry will remain pretty much untouched - but everyone else?
When youtube deploys a viable payment-for-ugc model, too - imagine the consequences for mass media.
Also significant - youtube has chosen a m. address - not a .mobi

The youtube arrival on the mobile internet scene is significant for a series of other reasons:
1. The strain this may put on the network (imagine all those video downloads - now this is a test of 3G!)
2. The push to 3G phones: Why are kids going to put up with 2.5G when their friends are gettting a better experience of Youtube. Watch it boom!
3. The push to fixed-price data plans: Video downloads are hugely data heavy. In fact, youtube goes so far as to warn the user this is the case and that they should seriously consider getting a fixed-price data plan before using the service (how's that for targeted marketing of fixed-price data plans?)
4. The end of pay-per-download video models (outside of porn). Youtube may not be offering ALL its/your content just yet (it's working on it) but the simple fact that you can get most viewed/highest rated etc means users will get used to free-to-play models. Who will pay for video downloads after that?
5. The acceleration of the long tail of mobile internet (via ugc, of course!)

Youtube going mobile may be as significant for the way people use the mobile internet - and the speed of uptake of 3G and fixed-price data, as the I-phone is for raising their expectations of the user experience.

Truly - exponential times.

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