Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Damning with faint praise

So, I'm hearing this ad described as the 'best banner ad ever'. Not a trophy I'd like to lift.

In fact, it's just been awarded the Cannes Cyber Lions Gold. Lord help them all...

I speak of the Pringles 'Can Hands' ad in which you, dear interactor, are encouraged through the use of witty banter to continue clicking.

And clicking, and clicking... and I did... and I did... but I still can't answer the question:

To what end?

Well it's getting some online chatter. People saying stuff like 'it's the best banner ad ever'. Like I say, super.

I guess the idea is you think of Pringles as the witty, funloving FMCG to stuff down your throat. But more likely you rush to slap the agency on the back for a fun, innovate interruption. That's what the Cannes Lions award is. Puts me in mind of this Honda creative. People marvel at the ad. Rarely at the product.

Stick a picture of a girl with her hand stuck in a can of Heinz Baked Beans and you get the exact same result.

Point is - it's all about the creative - not really about the product at all.

At least no one is claiming it's social media.

So I have to ask; What group of people are being brought together to act to achieve something they care about by this particular piece of content?

Thought not.

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