Monday, May 24, 2010

Slides and interview from Social Media In Business

I presented at Social Media In Business at the eBay/paypal offices in Richmond, London, on Friday.
My favourite presentation of the day was by my good pal Eaon Pritchard. He pricked the old 'popular = influential' bubble (with dues paid to Mark Earls) giving the example of the Velvet Underground. Popular? Hardly. Influential? Hell yeah.

My own piece on how taking a 'using' approach to social media = fail' seemed to go down well - certainly if the stream at #smib10 on Twitter was anything to go by. So thank you all for your kind comments.
The slidedeck I used - which discusses the real revolution we are going through and the direction in which to seek true ROI from the meaningful application of social technologies, can be seen, downloaded and shared below:

A video of my presentation will follow as soon as it's available.

Videos from the previous Friday's Mash-up event, 'Being Social' are also in the pipeline - I'm told due to appear tomorrow!

In the meantime, Benjamin Ellis grabbed me for a quick interview ahead of my session on Friday. It was broadcast live, but you can 'listen again' right here:

Here's the slidedeck:

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