Friday, May 06, 2011

Your network is at No3 among UK Power Players of Social Media

We all love a list... when we're near the top. And this one has 'me' at Number 3. 'PR Week Power Players of Social Media' is curated by @andismit, of PR outfit Escherman.
The 'PR Week' referred to in the title of this Peer Index listing is a UK publication for the PR industry. The listing was based on one originally compiled by PR Week and has since been augmented by Andrew (@andismit)
Here's how the scores are calculated.
Usual thanks are due of course to the network I am part of - everyone I interact with, everyone who responds to my posts, tweets with me, gives me the time of day... that's what gets an individual climbing a list like this.
I am merely one representative node of the success of the network we share. So well done all of us. Thank you.
To see the latest live listing of this particular peer index visit

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