Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A special day in the life of this blog

Spot the book: Foyles in Charing Cross - via Wikipedia
Today is a big day for this blog - and for me. Today sees the launch (UK at least) of my book The 10 Principles of Open Business.

The book is the culmination of a journey in thought and in practice that dates back to the beginning of this blog - in September 2006.

During that time (primarily driven by my blogging and curiosity) I've been lucky enough to connect with many brilliant minds; from Alan Moore & Tomi Ahonen, through Clay Shirky and Seth Godin, JP Rangaswami and Doc Searls, Mark Earls and Hugh MacLeod, Alan Rusbridger and Tom Watson - the list continues in the acknowledgements and those interviewed or quoted in the book.

But I've had more than just thought experiments to perform. I've been faced with plenty of real world challenges - from creating change at Bauer Media (formerly emap plc) through to working with a very diverse range of clients in my senior roles at Brando Social, 90:10 Group, The Social Partners and as a freelance consultant.

During these past six years (since going agency and consultancy side) I've been working with, often brave, sometimes fearful representatives of organisations ranging from Sony Mobile, The Edge, City & Guilds, The Guardian, Tesco, Honda Europe, SEAT, First Capital Connect, Bupa, Avis-Budget Group (EMEA), Microsoft, Citrix, 3M, Gatwick Airport, Carlsson Wagonlit, The Co-operative, The UK Borders Authority, Department of Transport, Cabinet Office, Expedia, Tate Modern, to name just a handful.

It was the process of putting theory into practice with paying customers that helped Jamie Burke and I shape the 10 Principles and make them the blueprint for success in today's networked economy that they have become. The result is the book that launches today.

A word about Jamie at this point. He is very much the co-author of the principles - but could contribute very little to the writing of the book itself due to business commitments; hence the book is credited to myself as author with Jamie.

I hope many of you who have found value from this blog over the many years may want to pick up a copy for in many ways your contributions have helped to shape this outcome.

Click here to add it to your amazon shopping cart right now. Thank you.

Oh - and if you spot one on a shelf in a book store anywhere, please do send me a pic (email address is at the top of the dekstop- version of the blog. If you share that pic on twitter too (with the hashtag #openbusiness) I'll send the first three to do so a signed copy in return. (Hint, Foyles in Charing Cross, London, should have them by the end of the week.)


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