Friday, September 22, 2006

How to spot new advertisers who want your content

Ok, here's a really simple tip and a very quick way of finding out what other advertisers your brand may be able to target online.

Go to google to download and install their adsense preview tool.

This does require some registry editing (which you may have to get helpdesk to allow on your pc).

It's worth the hassle because using the tool allows you to see which google advertisers are buying keywords that indicate they are extremely interested in advertising against exactly the kind of content you provide. And you can do it without having to sign up for google ads.

For those not familiar - google serves ads against key words to offer related (and in context) ads.

We can use the tool to identify new advertisers. And if you add google ads too, you'll find you get cash from advertisers who wouldn't usually trouble themselves with you. Land Rover has traditionally not advertised in LRO (Land Rover Owner) for reasons best understood by themselves.

When we trialled google ads, guess who started appearing? And we got the revenues each time their ads were clicked - which they were. Nice. Land Rover should see in their accounting that clicks are coming from - which should give us a stronger sales story in the future.

BTW: Please don't click any google ads you may see on emap sites (if you're within emap, that is) because that's a sure-fire way of getting us kicked out of the program.

If you use the preview tool YOU CAN click on the ads that appear within it.

If I've made all that baffling, go to the google link above for a fuller explanation.

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