Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brickfish: Engagement advertising gets its own platform

Here's a very interesting development bringing together the concepts of engagement marketing and user generated content. Communities Dominate Brands (see links, left) should love it.
Going straight in on my ones to watch list!
It claims: "Brickfish is the first Digital Engagement Company to provide a comprehensive platform that connects advertisers and consumers through the world of User Generated Content. The Brickfish platform enables consumers to engage with advertisers by creating User Generated Campaigns for their brands. This approach creates digital communities comprised of brand evangelists and 100% brand-specific content, forming a positive feedback loop between advertisers and consumers. Consumers are recognized and rewarded for participating in Brickfish campaigns as they create, review, vote on, and propagate content across the internet. Brickfish also provides advertisers and content creators with comprehensive propagation and reporting tools. The company is located in San Diego, CA
UPDATED: Feb 21, 2007: Brickfish has just acquired an $11M sack of investment cash. See here:

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