Thursday, December 20, 2007

Half of the world lives on less than $2 a day

So, rich boy/girl: Give a little.


  1. Hello David - I got here following cookie crumbs from The Working Group ... *click* There, I just posted my comment on your page there.

    "Less than $2 a day" ... I was politicized first by the Hungarian revolution; I was 8 when I read the book my sister left in the livingroom ... it depicted the torture of activists ... that was 1962 and the cold war was hotting up. 1968, on the hippie bus ... riots in Watts ... Prague Spring and the fall of Dubcek. The 1973: after winning recognition in the military as a SigInt operator, the over-throw of Chile's democratically elected government.

    $2 a day ... a factoid ... prone to superficial commodification.

    It's a tough time for "principled practitioners". (In RainbowFamily talk we make mention of "the fire-keeper clan".)

    Very nice to make your acquaintance. Please see my dusty old secondary and tertiary blogs here: beyondgreed.blogspot and basicbliss.blogspot

    ben aka WillowBear

  2. Hi Ben, I've hooked up with you on The Working Group and will be catching up with your blogs asap.

  3. Always a real pleasure to encounter sentient life in the blogosphere; thanks for this David.

    and best of the season to you and yours



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