Friday, December 21, 2007

Rather know where you are... or everything?

Am I missing something? The headlines (Consumers Prefer GPS over Mobile Internet/GPS edges out internet as desired mobile feature - study) tell us US mobile phone users would rather have a GPS-enabled phone than a mobile-internet enabled one.

Translation: I'd rather have a sat-nav than be a live, real-time connected node on the network.

What kind of questions resulted in that?
Q"Would you like to know where you are? Or would you like to know any and everything?"
A"Oh, I'll take where I am thanks."

Knowing where you are and where you're headed is all very nice - but it's so much more useful if you can check in with the human race for a bit of help and advice about what's around you as you go.

So, in my view, those headlines are red-herrings. My guess is what people actually want is connection and if you can also hand them a map, they'll thank you for it.

Mobile Internet WITH geolocation is clearly a powerful proposition, but if I have to take one or the other, I'll take mobile internet every single time.

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