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FasterFuture Consulting

FasterFutureConsulting believes:
  • The internet is for connecting people; People who share common purposes, passions and values.
  • The fact groups can form at next-to-no cost disrupts every traditional value chain and business model. It is why so many are in turmoil and why so many more will follow.
  • We are going through the greatest revolution since the printing press. This revolution is not technological - it is human-powered.
  • The more we connect people who share purpose, the more value we create.
  • This is not rocket science – everyone can adapt to survive. We know how.

Companies, organisations and individuals who embrace these simple rules will prosper in the emerging networked world. Those that don’t, won’t. If you aren’t prepared to change, please don’t engage me.



Keynote Speaking

David Cushman scores highly for his visionary presentations at conferences throughout the globe; in London, New York, Berlin, Cannes, Cork, Amsterdam in the last year.

His subjects have included:
  • What next for marketing and advertising?
  • Why traditional ad models don’t work in social networks (and what will)
  • The Power of the Network – and why we must do more than witness it
  • We’re all Publishers Now (and advertisers, too)
  • The User is the Destination: The emerging Eighth Mass Media
  • Multiple digital identities and the economics of the long tail

His expertise and insights drawn from 20+ years in media both traditional and digital make him an inspiring combination of realist and visionary

FasterFutureConsulting has advised on conferences in London and New York. Now, together with 6Consulting, we will be offering residential two-day conferences in the historic University city of Cambridge, UK.

FasterFutureConsulting can organise workshops for you; and/or contribute external expertise for your own internal exercises. We’ll work to come up with the best fit for your needs and experience.

Strategic advice
I have a proven track record as a digital visionary which can be applied to your business today for a brighter tomorrow.

FasterFuture Consulting is part of a network which includes 6Consulting; offering the best in social media measurement.

World's largest Full-Service Social Media agency
My day job is at Brando-Digital. Contact us for the best in forward thinking full-service agency work


David was one of our top experts in a co-creation session in Amsterdam for a high profile international client on the future of content interaction. David was invited, because of his strong future vision on the developments in new digital media.
During the session itself David not only impressed our client by his extensive knowledge on the subject, but also because he was a pleasure to work with. David was a real team player with original ideas others could build on.
Our company and our client were very much impressed by David’s expertise and contribution. I would recommend David to everyone who is looking for a true digital visionary.

Ivo De Mas A u b e r o n - Growth Strategy Consultants, Amsterdam.

"David is one of the most perceptive observers of the social web today, and his insights are especially relevant for companies trying to discern a path through the seeming chaos to a solid footing."

Stowe Boyd, global authority on social applications and their impact on business, media, and society.

“Your presentation on Social networks provided great clarity on the cultural-socio-economic changes that will impact on my business.
“Your facilitation of and contribution to the subsequent discussion amongst my team was very helpful in enabling them to get a handle on what is a paradigm shift in their view of the world in which they operate.
“I am optimistic that I can achieve a rapid and effective organisational change from today's starting point.”

John Chillcott Chief Executive, Anglia Co-operative Society Limited
, UK

"David and I collaborated on putting a panel together for Widget Web Expo in NYC and generally connect almost daily over the internet. David has a fantastic grasp over the evolution of the internet and is a pleasure to collaborate with. I highly recommend working with him."
David Armano VP Creative/Design Evangelist, Critical Mass
, US

"I first came across David via his blog, . Several of his posts really struck a chord with what I felt was happening in the publishing and wider media world. However, David was clearly far better at explaining them than I ever could.
I started following David's thoughts and Twitter posts and, when Incisive launched our e-publishing innovation forum, David was the first person we asked to speak. His presentation rocked and was one of the highest rated of the conference.
Since then I have stayed in contact with David. His advice is always welcome and his posts regularly inspire."

Rory Brown, Managing Director, Incisive Media, UK

"I have known David Cushman for several years in the digital media convergence space. David and I have collaborated on conferences, blogs, the Forum Oxford expert community, various writing and speaking opportunities etc. I have also delivered consulting work for David at his company. David is very warmly trusted in the industry as a forward thinker in the innovation space. He is also a hard worker, extremely productive, totally reliable and beyond all that, also a sheer delight to work with, always maintaining a positive outlook and great sense of humour. We are now collaborating on a course for Oxford University around the 7th Mass Media concept. I can most warmly recommend David for anything in the digital convergence media space."
Tomi T Ahonen, Best-selling Hi-Tech Author and consultant, Hong Kong

"David is one of the rare breed who continue to promote digital futures.
He is truly a thought-leader and universally respected by everyone he comes in contact with.
In my opinion he is one of the most valuable people at his company and I believe that every company needs a David Cushman.
"I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Jonathan Macdonald, Senior Consultant, OgilvyOne, UK

"Every company involved in digital development should have a 'Dave'. Passionate, inquisitive, knowledgeable and fearless in all aspects of how digital technology are changing life and business, but particularly their cultural impact. Dave is a fully paid-up member of the digerati and mixes with those whose focus is further ahead than the next quarter's results. The result is great knowledge, insight, some provocative opinions and a strategic perspective particularly on digital media."
Gus Swan, Head of Technology, Bauer Media, UK

"Few people I have met, have [1] a deep understanding of their existing business and [2] also possess a clear and detailed vision of where that business can go in the light of the significant challenges of the digital world.

"Also a first class communicator. I would unhesitatingly recommend David."

Alan Moore, CEO SMLXL, author Communities Dominate Brands

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for speaking at the Digital Identity Forum.
“We've had terrific feedback on the event, and this reflects as much on the quality of your session as it does on our input.
“It was important to have a first session that established the "ground rules" for the event: real expertise, new ground and genuine debate.
“Well done.
“I hope you found it worthwhile as well and perhaps might be prepared to get involved again in next year's event.”

David Birch, Director, Consult Hyperion UK

“At WidgetWebExpo, David Cushman rocked the room... He seems to have something insightful and unique to say about almost every medium.”
Michael Leis VP Strategic Services Emerge Digital, US

“ One of the true long term, insightful bloggers I know”
AjitJaokar author and global telecoms consultant, UK

Comments after Mobinar
“I have not been to a more engaging, stimulating and relevant session in years.

“The quality of the speakers - who really got stuck in and involved with the project work we did - was superb.

“High calibre and sufficiently 'different' to make attendance a real pleasure.
“I came away enthused for opportunities in mobile…”.

Various attendees

Comments after Never Mind the Bloggers seminar and workshop with Alan Moore and Euan Semple

“Many thanks for yesterday's blogging summit - your speakers, and yourself, have opened my mind again to the possibilities of a good blog.”
Tim Street Website Editor, MATCH, UK

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