Monday, September 07, 2009

Speaking and meeting you?

So here comes the Autumn - and with it a flurry of events and things I'll be speaking at - where I'd be very happy if you came along to say hi.

The first is my home-town event - a seminar run by me and optimistically titled: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Social Media But Were Afraid To Ask. It's on the morning of October 2 in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Details 10 earlybird tickets left last time I looked :-)

On October 8 I'll be interviewed on BlogTalk Radio's PI Window On Business by Jon Hansen. That's set for 5:30pm UK time.

I'll be doing a session at Monitoring Social Media 09 in London on November 17. Venue is still TBC - keep an eye on Luke's blog for more.

And on December 1 I've been asked to do the keynote in the social media seminar theatre at Online Information 09. I believe for most people entry is free. Check the site for details

  • October 2: Everything you ever wanted to know about social media, Huntingdon, Cambs
  • October 8: BlogTalk Radio Interview
  • November 17: Presenting at Monitoring Social Media 09
  • December 1: Keynote at Online Information 09.
Hope I'll see you at one of them.

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