Monday, September 28, 2009

Afraid to ask about social media? See you Friday

On Friday this week (October 2, 2009) I'm speaking in my home town (Huntingdon, Cambs) for the first time.

My seminar 'Everything you ever wanted to know about social media but were afraid to ask' will cover the basics of the 'media' part of the label - messaging; transmission; how content is created and distributed etc.

But it will also open a door on the 'social' side of the label - how the formation of groups, communities of purpose, has the potential to disrupt and reconfigure everything we do - from processes within organisations to politics, education, economics and beyond.

Really quite chuffed to say it's all-but a sell out with people attending from my local authority, business organisations, retail, training, a local engineering firm, marketing and pr teams, seo specialists and a global mobile tech company.

There's a handful of tickets still available so if you know someone who may benefit, please point them at

Tell them to use the discount code 'fastercommunity' and you earn them 33% off.

Tickets with that code are limited to just 6, so... well you know the drill.


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