Friday, September 24, 2010

Twitter fails to deliver on niche - again...

the Twitter fail whale error message.Image via WikipediaJust been taking a quick look at the 'New Twitter' which is creeping around London right now.

Lot's of nice things about it of course - which you will have heard and seen before no doubt. My colleague Jason Fashade has analysed its impact on a number of factors here.

What bothers me is that the Twitterbods seem to have gone for mass broad value, over niche core relevance once again. This surprises (and underwhelms) me given Twitter's baked-in understanding of the networked world.

The target of my concern is in the 'tweets near you' search function.

Just as with Trends, there is no option to narrow this to the tweets of people who matter to you (ie Trends Among Friends - as I've previously called for).

So yes, I can search for tweets near me - which has some value, granted - but not from tweets from friends of mine near me (which has far greater relevance and therefore value).

Come on guys it's a network of fluid high-value niches - give us access to that! FourSquare does.

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