Wednesday, January 26, 2011

App Internet vs Commoditised Devices?

Here's a genuinely fascinating conversation between Robert Scoble (tech blogger) and the George Colony, CEO of Forrester (recorded at Davos).

Key takeaway: The exponential growth of processing power and storage capacity is pushing everything to the edge (in device) which is a threat to web-centric companies such as Google and Facebook. "The web is a dead technology in the long run".
There is something familiar in that concept I was considering back here.(Services And The Death of The Website).
There is an alternative view - that the rapid growth in capability in devices will result in the rapid reduction in price - taking us to a place where the device (our way of accessing all the stuff of the internet) is commoditised to the point where you can pick one up off a supermarket shelf for a few pounds. In that world the web-centric companies remain important.
Perhaps it won't be one or the other but both.
The 20-minute conversation covers the impact of management changes/risk at the top of google and apple and the burning question of when China gets to be the dominant economic power in the world.
I think the CEO may be wrong about China's requirement to go through political change to end up beating the US for GDP. And here's why:

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