Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Welcome to the Open Business mission

I was delighted to discover that Luis Suarez (@elsua on twitter) long time social blogger, famed for his attempts to banish email and for his KM work with IBM, has committed 100% to the Open Business cause.
His blogpost yesterday comes at the end of a series on social business/enterprise and concludes that it's time to move on, to lose the 'social' and to celebrate the Open.

Luis Suarez: Inspiring Open Business
I remember when back in the day, nearly 10 years ago, when I first started blogging, both internally and externally (Nearly 8 years ago for the latter), one of the themes I decided to go for as its own category was Social Computing, then Social Networking. From there onwards Enterprise 2.0, followed by the Social Enterprise and, lately, Social Business. That was all part of what I felt was the evolution of social networking in a corporate environment. Well, as of today, and while I move on shifting my focus into that where to next … I have created a couple of new categories. One of them is just a renaming activity from a previous one. The other is an entirely new category that I will be using to post articles on that particular topic from here onwards. It will also mean how, after 6 years, I’m starting to sense it’s time to move on from those fully loaded monikers of Social Enterprise or Social Business, since, you know, they eventually mean something completely different altogether and it’s probably a good thing to move on anyway.
That’s why Social Enterprise / Social Business from here onwards, for yours truly, are going to beOpen Business, following further up the superb piece of work that David Cushman did in setting up the stage of what Open Business is all about during the course of last few months. You may want to go ahead and start reading “The 10 Principles of Open Business“, or “Introducing Open Business“, or perhaps check out the Open Business Council to find out more about it and you will see how for a good number of years this blog has been permeating through plenty of the vision David shared across with that new concept of how businesses should operate. I know it’s not new, for sure, I mean, openness has been there all along, but if you read further into the principles that David shared across about this topic you would see how we still need to do plenty of work about it. And that’s essentially what I am planning on doing from here onwards.
I'm flattered that my work on Open Business (with Jamie Burke) has inspired you Luis. Inspiring Open is core to how I work.

If anyone would like to catch up on the 10 Principles of Open Business (a book on which is coming soon), start here.

But please also go and take a look at Luis' blogpost, and those leading up to it - join in shaping what Open Business can become.

I wonder if he can inspire IBM to make the leap from social to open business, too...


  1. Hi David, thanks ever so much for the lovely blog post and for the warm welcome into the Open Business world! Indeed, it was about time that I came around it! It's been a few months since I first bumped into the whole mantra and concept behind Open Business and was sold on it from Day One! Unfortunately, work got in the way and couldn't dedicate it enough focus and emphasis on my day to day work to it till the beginning of the year, while on vacation, that game me an opportunity to link it to the work I'd want to focus on from here onwards (The original blog post has got more on this, indeed! hehe) and now that I have found the sweet spot, I surely am glad to join the efforts in helping promoting it and would definitely be looking forward to share some additional insights on how it could pave out eventually with my ¢2 to continue the conversation...

    On your query about whether I can help inspire IBM to make the leap, we will have to wait and see, but definitely my focus will be in trying to make it happen. Remember, 5 years ago when I started "A World Without eMail" it was just me doing and living it. 5 years later it's a movement on its own with thousands of people in the company, and outside, too!, joining forces to make it happen. So you never know, David, but I'm surely going to try it just as hard as I have been doing #lawwe

    Looking forward to plenty of conversations on the topic during the course of the year and thanks much for the inspirational work you and Jamie put together over the course of the last few months, couple of years! Just brilliant!

    Talking about levelling up the game, eh? We are ON! :)

  2. As an industry analyst who sees a lot of fluff, I can honestly say that Luis Suarez is one of the best tech evangelists on the planet. Not that I didn't believe in Open Business before, but his credibility can do nothing but help.


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