Friday, September 06, 2013

10 Principles of Open Business in top 1 per cent on Amazon already

I was so taken by surprise by the Amazon ranking for the 10 Principles of Open Business that I had to take a screen grab.
I know these things can vary wildy but with a ranking of sub 50,000 that places it in (at least) Amazon's highest 1 per cent of performers (given that there are at least 5 million books on sale on Amazon by most estimates. If you know of a more accurate figure I'd be delighted to hear from you.)
Since it's not actually out until early next year and there's been zero marketing for it I've got to say a huge thank you to all of you who may have made an advance purchase already to make that happen.
A couple of other quick updates about the book - we're in the midst of getting a few tweaks done to the front cover (see previous post) which will make the background closer to pure white and reduce the range of pallete. Should clean it up a little.

The other thing is the updated 'blurb' and contents list is ready to roll and should start propogating across the publishers' site (Pagrave-Macmillan) and shortly after on Amazon, soon.
The price is now going to be officially £19.99. Right now (as of lunch time on September 6, 2013) you can pre-order it for £14.10 on Amazon. So, er, pile in. No one seems to know why or for how long or how much discount Amazon will apply. I'm enjoying this journey of discovery.
Other good news for the book comes in the form of some very kind supporting words from some amazing people which are likely to adorn the back cover.
So far I've been lucky enough to receive the following for use on the book (these are but snippets):

  • The concept of (an) open business isn't a fad, it's a long-term business philosophy to connect with connected customers and employees and ultimately survive Digital Darwinism - Brian Solis
  •  ...You'd be mad not to take the ideas in this book seriously - Euan Semple
  • Cushman is an inspiring guide… this is a book that anyone concerned with the future of their organization and their career should read. - Stephen Waddington
I'm hoping Chris Brogan will be coming back to me with his thoughts this week and Seth Godin is currently giving it a read with a view to offering his take, too. And you have no idea how much I appreciate each and every comment.

By the way - there are still places left to attend the Social Media Week London panel on Open Business which I'm chairing. I'm hosting a great line-up of folk. See here for more.

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