Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Social networks get networked

Here's an interesting new development from; people search:
At present it searches Bebo, LinkedIn and MySpace - but more will follow (, anyone?)

Not only can you search for people by name, you can also search by interest, age, gender, location, status (single or not so single) screen names or whatever you choose.

So you find people who like what you like AND who like networking, on whatever network, and network with them. It's like adding the fourth dimension!

If only they'd added an optimised-for-mobile version and geo-location...

Stand back and watch that explode.


  1. Not sure it's quite there yet... Having signed up it seemed quite clunky, and the functionality is fairly limited. The 'Add to Wink' feature is also increddddddibly slow in Firefox.

    I'll persevere int he hope that it becomes quicker than logging into each site individually, but at the moment the idea is right, but the application is a bit pony

  2. Worked nicely for the things I tried. There are some refinements to be made - but it's just been launched. Google wasn't built in a day.


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