Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Walls come tumbling down... now Orange follows 3's lead

The end-of-fixed-price data internet challenge is right now - not in the future.
More evidence emerged yesterday, with news that Orange is offering its 17m UK customers fixed-price data. Looks like they are setting the bar at £8 a month - but also offering by the day etc (which I think, kind of misses the point, you want it anytime you want without any hurdles to leap through). More here.
So that's 3 now offering fixed rate data charges (£5 a month) to every one of its users and o2 is reported to be offering fixed rate at the point of churn (ie when a customer says - I'm out of here 02, then you get the offer). And then there's T-mobile plugging the hell out of Web and Walk.
This ain't a trickle - this is a deluge. Expect o2 to start their land-grab any second now...
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