Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Deepfish: Microsoft's mobile internet browser

Microsoft's mobile internet browser 'Deepfish' is in beta -
It allows you to surf faster, and zoom in and out of traditional fixed line websites.

The theory is that makes the internet easier to use on your mobile device.

They say: "The Deepfish Technology Preview enhances existing mobile browsing technologies by displaying content in a view that is closer to the desktop experience. Our zoom-able interface and cue map allow you to quickly access the information you care about over the web without ever losing track of where you are. "

It's currently only available to test (and to a very limited number of users) for pocket pc and smart phones.

So I can't try it. If you do - share.

However, I can't help feeling it's not really addressing the point. It's a bit like print media trying to reinvent itself in a fixed-line internet world as a digitised newspaper you can scroll around and turn the pages on.

It doesn't appear to grasp that the experience is DIFFERENT on a mobile. On first impressions - I like the zenzui approach more - which is also backed by Microsoft.

Deepfish for the legacy fixed-line sites/content - Zenzui for the mobile internet?


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