Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Google moves to own the network

There have long been rumours that google wanted to move from providing the content to providing the network.
Rumours of them buying up large swathes of land, thousands of miles of cable and securing vast energy supplies provide the theory with its legs.
And last weekend it emerged the company will be among those bidding for spectrum in the US - with the potential of making it a hugely disruptive player in telecommunications.
With ads served against content (mobile adsense is now in beta) there's every possibility that serving their core business (adwords) is what google has in mind. Free calls and data anyone?
The emergence of Blyk's model is already demoing the model as an mvno.
What could google do with ownership of the network and potentially of device (the google phone is still a very hot tip)
The operators must be sweating.

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