Tuesday, July 17, 2007

O2 to ditch its mobile internet service? Hmm, sort of

On the face of it, reports today (O2 to ditch its mobile internet service due to lack of take up) could be assumed to mean the mobile internet revolution ain't about to happen - or at the very least is likely to happen much later than the likes have me have been banging on about.
But the stories I've read miss a few salient facts. Such as:
1. O2 has failed to launch a widely available and publicised fixed-rate data plan.
2. The clever money is backing O2 to get the I-phone in the UK.

Given that, this is more likely a repositioning in preparation for the launch of a major mobile internet offensive by O2 - not a withdrawal.
And given the name of the internet service it has been running (I-mode) and Apple's preference for control over anything with the letter 'I' in it... a requirement to rename the service may even be in the contract!
That's my best guess anyway. If anyone knows anymore... please share.


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