Monday, January 25, 2010

10 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Will Fail

I compiled this for a presentation - with the real-time help of @vero @andrewspong @picklejar - and thought it might be useful to share here. By all means add to it by making comments on this post.

Your Social + Media Strategy Will Fail If:

  1. You think of yourselves as owners rather than as an enabling platform
  2. You don’t place social + media at the heart of what you do (it can’t be layered on)
  3. You fail to listen – and join in
  4. You don’t go where your communities are
  5. Your message doesn’t match your actions (authenticity)
  6. You try to use peer-to-peer for push/broadcast (you can't use it, you can participate in it)
  7. You set yourselves up as a ‘brand’ or ‘corporation’ rather than as a human - and speak like a brochure.
  8. You approach it as a purely comms medium and make it just one department’s responsibility.
  9. You fail to think (honestly) about what’s in it for the user
  10. You don’t give it enough time (don’t do campaigns, do relationships)
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