Tuesday, February 09, 2010

One to watch: ThingLink.org

I don't often do a 'one to watch' these days. Everything moves so fast I'd rather just back the web.
But on this occasion I have been pointed at something by (twitter.com/willsh) that has significant potential and which I think you should explore: ThingLink.org

It's a social network for things and could play it's part in the emerging web of things in a very interesting way.

So far as I understand (and I have only just applied for a beta invite) it crowd sources the identification of objects and their relationship with other objects. The result is a social graph for a thing.

That could get very interesting. Imagine the Amazon 'People who like this also like this' extended to ALL objects? Real relationships identified and shared and multiplied; rather than market researched samples extrapolated until they burst.

Layer on real-time and location and some very complex relationships could be revealed as they emerge and as they create value.

A fascinating area to keep up to speed with. Hope you'll join me in trying.

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