Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No 10 Bullying row: The unintended victim

The whole National Bullying Hotline mess of the last couple of days (links below will fill you in on the row surrounding British PM Gordon Brown) has had one unintended victim: BullyingUK.

This genuine and effective charity has been tarred with a very nasty and impactful brush. Some of its would-be clients - many of them vulnerable school kids - have been put off by the fear that their confidentiality will be breached - in the same way (very much allegedly) that No10 staff reportedly had theirs breached by The National Bullying Helpline.

So let's be very clear BullyUK has absolutely nothing to do with the self-proclaimed National Bullying Helpline.

And if the national press, and the Conservative Party care as much about bullying as the screaming headlines suggest, then perhaps they will join me in donating to BullyingUK right here and now.

They have a lot of damage to repair.

Perhaps you will join in too?

I should make clear, BullyingUK have been very careful not to solicit donations during this sensitive period for fear of accusations of cashing in. And I think that's very wise.

But (and in line with the platform approach I advocate all organisations take) I'm equipped with the belief and the tools to play my part in righting this wrong. And now, so are you.
So let's do what they can't. Together. You'll find them on twitter, too.

Donate, by all means - but ask others to, blog about this, tweet about it. Thank you.

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