Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video: Clay Shirky at the LSE Part 1

I was lucky enough to interview Clay Shirky a couple of years back - when his first book Here Comes Everybody was hitting the shelves and causing a stir.
Now the New York professor is back with Cognitive Surplus - creativity and generosity in a connected age.
I was lucky enough to blag a press pass to his presentation at the LSE on June 28, 2010 and the video, below, is part of the result.
Over the next few days I'll be posting parts II and III - which includes an excellent Q&A section.
Clay's theme that we have in abundance the desire to connect and live out the reality of our social selves will not be unfamiliar to readers of this blog.
In this first part he discusses, with references to case studies, how the social tools of the internet enable and support the social reality of being human - and how the generosity this reveals has far-reaching cultural consequences for any and all institutions.


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