Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video: Clay Shirky at the LSE, part ii

Here's part II of the Shirky presentation on Cognitive Surplus at the LSE on  June 28, 2010.
Part one can be found here.
In this section Clay discusses some of the drivers behind behavioural economics, our intrinsic motivation towards community and how these motivations do a better job of holding us together than any amount of external rules.
He discusses what it takes to motivate people to participate - on three levels - communal (where it's mostly for each other), public (where it's for each other and those who choose to consume the outcome) and civil (where it's for the public good - where it's to make a better world/thing/outcome that really matters.

Enjoy, comment and standby for part III - in which Clay answers questions and gives brands a bit of a kicking.

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