Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Open Business: Principle 1 - Purpose

I've just published the second in the series of blog posts on the Principles of Open Business over on 9010group.com.
Here's an excerpt:

Most organisations are good at ‘What’ they do and ‘How’ they do it. But ask them Why? And things get trickier...
Most when asked about Purpose will point to Mission Statements.  Unfortunately in the majority of cases a Mission Statement begs a further question: Why?
Many are written along the lines of “To be No1 in our chosen markets and sectors returning maximum value to shareholders”.
That Why is important. It is what brings people together, motivates them, inspires them to support your cause. In a connected world in which the organisation’s role is to act as a platform to help others achieve a collective shared Purpose, it is essential. It is how you succeed.
Read the full post on 9010group.com
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