Monday, July 30, 2012

Open Business Principle 2: Open Capital

I've just published the third in 90:10 Group's series of blog posts on the 10 Principles of Open Business.
Those familiar with this blog will find some familiar themes.

A portion of it is very close in spirit to a post I published here early in June 2012 - Create Value As If The World Exists.

Here's an excerpt from Principle 2: Open Capital.

"In line with the needs of the industrial age, Capital was organised on the principles of mass and centralised control; Big blocks of cash held by small groups of decision-makers fitted that world.

"But the networked world requires something new, something which delivers faster decisions together with wider distribution of both risk and reward, something which moves the role of the customer from ‘end user’ to participant and partner; something which is a better fit with networks.

"We call this Open Capital: Using crowd-funding platforms or principles to raise capital through micro-investments... today’s entrepreneurs opt for Open Capital knowing that the advantages go far beyond a new route to capital... Open Capital shares the costs and risks and therefore the ownership and the passion. It democratises innovation."
Read it in full.
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