Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The march of the blogger continues

There were a few stories doing the rounds towards the end of last year that blogging was reaching its peak, that people were losing interest.
I guess some are and have.
But it seems like there are enough people coming up behind them to fill in the gaps - and then some.
Alexa.com's latest listing shows blogger.com as the 15th biggest site in the world (that's up 3 on the ranking). In the UK it's number 12.
youtube is up 5 to number 5 (that's video blogging, innit?), myspace is static (ie not free-falling as everyone piles out to 'somewhere cooler...' as we hear predicted on a daily basis) at No6.
And Orkut (see my ones to watch) has leapt up 6 places and is now the 7th largest site in the world.
All these sites are essentially blogging sites.
Perhaps that peak is a little higher up than some people suspected...

Google watchers will note that while the main site is currently No3, google owned sites dominate the top 10 (google, youtube, orkut...)


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