Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What's in your wallet? Part II

Tomi T Ahonen's post about the recent Tokyo 3G conference (on ForumOxford - see resources) reveals NTT DoCoMo has scored a rapid and growing success with its pay-by-mobile model - FeliCa.
In 18 months from launch they have reached 8 million users -16% of their subscribers.
Tomi says: "You see FeliCa users everywhere... as you move around town in the subway trains, at vending machines, etc."
Pay by mobile is no longer niche - it's the fastest growing payment method going. I haven't checked recently ((if anyone knows better, do share), but if I were paypal, I'd be hooking in a mobile payment method asap.
Just one more hurrah for the mobile as THE convergent device.
And if you want to sell your print product or digital download to young people - you could be making it easier right now if you let them pay with phone credit. It's a simple way of buying on credit too (the bill doesn't come until the end of the month, after all).
See also What's In Your Wallet - oh a sim card

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