Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple I-phone follows the convergence pack

Well, finally, and as predicted only yesterday, the I-phone has arrived from Apple.
There were those who thought it couldn't be called the I-phone because someone else seemed to have registered that (count me among them!). We were wrong.
There were those who prediced apple would go for really simple (ie, just a phone and nowt to do with any i-pod killing mp3 functionality). er, no.
Tomi Ahonen on Communities Dominate Brands says: "Well it took long enough. Just a few minutes ago Apple's Steve Jobs announced at Appleworld that there will be a cellular phone from Apple, which combines iPod music functionality with other top-of-the-line smartphone features, a bright big screen for video and a 2 Megapixel camera. "
Read the rest of Tomi's post HERE
It seems even those with a vested interest in divergent devices are falling into line. Who wants to carry two devices?
So how long until we see the google phone?


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