Thursday, March 08, 2007

100mbps to your mobile

I just got news of this. It's from
Made me swear out-loud, it did.

"Long Term Evolution (LTE) of 3G technologies is about to benefit from Rel-8 of the 3GPP standard, planned for the third quarter of 2007. This will be the trigger for development of components and systems to provide 100 Mbps download speeds to mobile devices."

Hold on there a second. 100mbps. That's not a typo. 100 - count em!

There's a host of reasons why that won't mean a genuine 100mbps to your own individual mobile phone (similar to those that explain why my btinternet 8meg broadband is usually closer to 3 in reality) - but the experts seem to figure it's more than enough to make the internet experience on your mobile at least as good as that of fixed line broadband.

Another accelerator to the mobile internet taking over from fixed line.

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