Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's all about connections and connectedness...

As Euan Semple says at the very start of the video you'll find below, it is all about connections and connectedness.
It is my good fortune to know both Alan Moore (Communities Dominate Brands) and Euan Semple (The Obvious). Both blogs are listed in my recommended list, left.
But Alan and Euan hadn't met.
The video here is of a brief part of the conversation that happened when they met for the first time when I introduced them at the British Library this week. I was thrilled to be the connection in this case.
Their conversation ranges from the power of the network, through blogs and blogging, why they blog and what they get from it, through politics, education, engagement marketing, the loss of control (if the centre ever thought it had any anyway...) identity and trust.
It's worth 10 minutes of your time - if you're interested in how the network is disrupting where-ever it touches.
There's even a cameo appearance by yours truly... when Euan takes charge of the camera (sorry, converged device, it's a Nokia N73).
So here is a bit of content, created at the point of inspiration (ie we started talking, I thought, let's record it) which scores high on relevance for this blog and my aims in sharing the Power of the Network message. But it ain't quite BBC TV quality.
Your comments, as always, are actively sought.

By the way, those still waiting for the Tomi Ahonen presentations from my Mobinar last week - we haven't forgotten - aiming to get the first ready to share tomorrow.

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