Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Video: Tomi Ahonen on Mobile as the 7th Mass Media and more...

As promised - and with thanks once again to's Angus Farquhar and Dan Thornton (for the recording and uploading of the videos) here is Tomi Ahonen speaking at Mobinar - an essentially internal emap event with invited guest contributors.

Tomi has very kindly agreed to allow us to share the videos with you all. A reminder - video was very much an afterthrought on this occasion, so we didn't mike-up. Sound ain't great, therefore - and my apologies for any difficulties that causes. Always best, on these occasions , to listen on headphones.

But Tomi is a great workshop and seminar performer, so I hope you'll enjoy these.

There are two presentations. The first is on Mobile as the 7th Mass Media - a concept you'll find expanded on at Tomi's blog Communities Dominate Brands. It's also the title of his next book.

The second is an excerpt (it might end a little oddly, the memory card filled up!) of his presentation on how the future is happening right now - inspired by his latest book Digital Korea (highly recommended - I'm reading it right now).

At the end you'll find links to my presentation on The Power of the Network, which preceded Tomi as the warm-up act for the day!



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