Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Social Customer Manifesto backs the Call Centre Customer Manifesto

Great to see that Christopher Carfi at the Social Customer Manifesto has given his support to the Call Centre Customer Manifesto we've launched on this blog and as a facebook group "No More Call Centre Monkeys"

The group is ticking along, 40-odd faces signed up. But we need more. The corporates like (hate?) big numbers. So please, if you're already a subscriber, share the word with anyone you think might want to help us make a difference.

If you blog, please post about it, too. If you hang out on consumer forums - likewise.

If I can read only 100 blogs, which should I read to be most up to date?

BTW, big Congrats to Chris for making the top 100 blogs you must read to be first with the news in the blogosphere. A great one-hit for your RSS reader!


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