Friday, November 16, 2007

Mobinar 2 and the top 200,000

Just had the pleasure of attending Mobinar 2 - the latest in the series of mobile seminars that Mobinar launched in September. It's an internal emap thing with invited guests.
I was just along for the ride on this one, with emap specialist's head of mobile Ian Richardson in the chair.

Scott Beaumont told us about Mippin (something I was lucky enough to get a preview of at the beginning of October).

Mippin is fast heading towards its 2,000,000th page impression. It clocked its first million within its first 22 days. Scott, who is also speaking at LeWeb3 next month shocked me when he revealed there are already 220+ people who have tagged this blog as a favourite on mippin.

If nothing else, this ought to convince you of the need to extend your reach by mobilising the content you already have - via a simple re-appropriation such as mippin's RSS-driven service. There is clearly the hunger for content - provided it offers a good user experience on the mobile device.

Must be a bit of day for stat magic, because a look on Technorati today revealed FasterFuture has crept in to the top 200,000 globally for the first time. Given that recent estimates suggest 70m blogs are being tracked, that's a nice place to be. The more people who connect, the better the conversations are going to get - the greater the value we'll all share.
Cracking the 200K coincided with this blogs 'authority' rating rising to the magic 40 (where, no doubt, life begins).

Our second speaker was Rok Media's CEO Graham Baines.

Rok floated this week and were valued at $1bn. But you probably haven't heard of them if you, like me, are based in the UK. That's because they do about 1% of their business here. Their big markets are China, India, Brazil and Russia.

Graham described some cool tools they offer on a global scale.

They've got loads of clever stuff - from made-for-mobile avatar-based communities to youtube-style newstreams of UGC. But the thing that really stood out for me was their insight into the markets they endeavour to serve.

They have a text-to-voice service, for example. Sounds like a neat bit of fun? And I've heard of something similar being deployed for dating purposes.

But it turns into something of critical personal and business need in a market like Pakistan - where large numbers of mobile phone users can't actually read the texts they receive!


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  1. Show off!

    Seriously though, top work. It shows the value of connecting to more and more people, and how self-publishing can be so useful for reasons other than making cash out of Google Adsense!


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