Tuesday, November 13, 2007

United we stand: THIS is Fansumers

Fansumers - another take on 'prosumers'. It's a term used by Jeremiah Owyang when writing about the new Facebook Pages - easy tech which allow brands to interact with their communities within Facebook's easy-to-use walled garden. Great value for those brands willing to actively engage in the conversation - as I discussed in this post.

It's an idea you'll also be familiar with if you've come across the likes of freakonomics or if you've considered Alan Moore's engagement marketing.

However it's a pretty light-weight version compared to this.

When MyFootballClub.co.uk got rolling I loved the idea. Now it's become a reality - a community of football fans is taking charge of the thing they are fanatical about. They have bought their own real life club - and now they get to take control. Fantasy football made real.

It's a really clear example of the edge taking charge - the community dominating to such an extent that they take ownership of the brand.

And in so much as that is true, then the notion of Fansumer as described by a 'fans' relationship with a brand's Facebook Page, really doesn't reflect the power of the converged individual we see in MyFootballClub.co.uk.

Here the members of the community aren't simply fans, or just consumers. They are also the decision makers, they are co-creating the value, they are the innovators - in everything from team selection to the quality of the half-time hot dogs.

I wish them luck and will watch the outcome with interest.


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