Monday, December 22, 2008


My four year old daughter met an old lady yesterday. Very old. We sang her happy birthday  Happy 103rd birthday.
She was born before the first radio programme was broadcast. She was 13 at the end of the first world war.

Wonder what she'd have predicted for her life back then?
The flu epidemic which killed more than that first world war? The great depression? The rise of Hitler (she is Austrian) and the loss of most of her family in Auschwitz?

A second world war?

A new life in England? The Cold War? Martin Luther King? Jfk?

Another new life in Australia? Deciding to move back to the UK alone at the age of 93?

The Internet?

I wonder which she regards as the most significant event in her life time? (image: 1906 picnic, courtesy)

I wonder what we will in our own?


  1. Good question indeed. Happy holiday season to you and yours David. Great to meet you earlier this year

  2. Thanks Mr P - and the very same back to you and yours. Let's try to hook up again early in 09.


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