Monday, December 01, 2008

100 most influential blogspot blogs

And in at number 46 - there's us folks. It's a list compiled by Richard at UKNetMonitor.
Here's how: "We monitor user-generated-content on behalf of a number of clients (mainly better known brand names), clipping postings that we judge to be significant in terms of reputation, brand development, stakeholder engagement or customer service; much like a press cutting service.

"The “league table” we posted on our blog, is simply a list of those bloggers (using the blogspot platform), we have clipped from the most."
A blog is a sum of its connections. We are the connections. Good work us.

Those 100 in full:


  1. Ironic how bragging about a blog's ranking actually dilutes its utility. I'm considering unsubscribing because it seems there's not a single week that goes by without one of those useless ranking posts.

  2. Fair point. But today's post is also a fuzzy edged connection to 99 other networks. Some may find value in that. Guess not in your case?

  3. Have you posted on Tesco?

    That's why you are on the list, just take a look at number one. Its about the supermarkets!

    Sadly not about my site or yours.


  4. Steve, yes I have posted on Tesco. And I know Richard does work for Asda, so you may be barking up the right tree :-)
    However I noticed a lot of footy blogs in the list, too.
    And I also post about many other brands (notably Apple and any tech brands)
    If anyone else has more light to cast on this, happy to hear it.

  5. A great list, thanks! I've always wondered whether influential blogs graduate out of blogger when they become... influential. Apparently not though.

  6. I've no idea why I'm included on the list - - and no trust that it's at all accurate. In fact, I ignored the list and didn't post about it as it seemed semi-random!

    Certainly no correspondence to the kind of rating/ranking that Technorati give.

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