Friday, March 06, 2009

Using social media to unleash your people's potential

The group-forming power of social media creates some fears for employees and employers. Issues of control conflict with the desire to unleashing potential.

Should you be letting your staff use social networks on 'your time'?
Do you want your boss following you on facebook? If not, how can companies take advantage of the power of social media to make the most of their people and for their people to make the most of themselves?

These are the thorny issue Dr Chris Thorpe tackles here in the fourth of the videos from BrandoSocial's Winning With Social Media event, held at the Soho Hotel in London last week.
Chris advises MySpace and The Guardian group, and he's one of the consultants at BrandoSocial.
He's helped create internal networks for some of the biggest names in business, too.

You can also see the video alongside the slidedeck here at the site.

Watch and listen - and then, of course, join the conversation...

Dr. Chris Thorpe "Discovering the hidden talents" from Brando Social on Vimeo.

Here's the slidedeck Chris was speaking to.

Watch the preceeding parts of this event:
1. What is social media - adapting to the networked world
2. Interruption to engagement
3. The ROI of social media

More soon!
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