Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What is Social Media? How can brands and organisations adapt to it?

Pleased to say we are now able to share video and slidedecks from BrandoSocial's Winning With Social Media event.
I'm going to add them to my blog over the next few days, in the order we appeared.
Up first, me, defining what social media is, defining the size of the prize and the urgency and inevitability of involvement - and how brands and organisations can adapt to our ever-more networked world.

David Cushman - "Setting the social media scene & Adapting brands to the networked world" from Brando Social on Vimeo.

Here's the slidedeck I was speaking to: (UPDATE March 4, Slideshare chose this presentation to feature on its homepage on March 3/4, 2009).

I'll be adding the videos and presentations by Alan Moore, Chris Thorpe, Luke Brynley-Jones and Jamie Burke over the next few days.

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