Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another day, another set of stunning twitter stats

Seems only five minutes since all the comscore stats showed amazing growth of twitter - yet that growth appears to be relentless, here, via SocialTimes comes news that twitter now has 14m-plus users a month in the US alone (14 million users, up over 76.8 percent).

And as far as other reports I've seen indicate, the US accounts for only around a third of twitter users. Phew. That could mean we're at 42m global users a month.

I know at least one VC who passed on Twitter and may just be weeping into their humble pie about now...

Ok, so Facebook has 200m active users (100m log in every day - and it's hard to know how Twitter's possible 42m a month measures up against that) but there's some other stats that might balance that book. For example, each Facebook user has an average of 120 friends - while the average number of Twitter followers in the UK ranges from 84 in Belfast to 594 in Coventry (these stats from Social Media Insight by Social Media Library and referencing 2008). In London (which accounts for 11% of all UK twitter accounts, while Scotland accounts for 16%!) the average is 256.

I think its reasonable to assume right now that the average number of twitter followers is 250 (which speaks volumes for the less private-data-heavy requirement of twitter - enabling the fuzzy edged adhoc group forming nature of twitter communities of purpose)

The Twitter numbers are only going to grow.

And the services around it too.

Today I've been pointed at a new form of twitter search. One to watch? Check it out and let me know what you think

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