Thursday, May 28, 2009

Making a dog's dinner out of social media

I had the good fortune to speak on the same bill as Groundswell author Josh Bernoff in New York last summer. Wish I'd been back in the States to see him present on this.

It's a great example of how social media strategy is so much more than marcomms (why it's not social media if it doesn't change your business).

In this case, Del Monte's participation in social media resulted in the co-creation, from R&D to successful market launch in stores, of a new pet food. They made a dog's dinner of it - in six weeks.


You can watch a 3 min summary over at Adage.

It being Adage you have to sit through an advert first. And I have to point you to go there (I can't grab the code to share here).

Maybe they should listen more to Josh et al...

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